Monday, December 10, 2007

What Now

So, today it's official my parents divorce is final. I'm officially a bastard, not that being a bastard has anything to do with my parents divorce, I just thought you should now as soon as possible. Anyway, my folks have been dueling for two and half years and I'm glad it's finally over because it was tough to pick sides. I mean I like them both for very different reasons. Mom instilled in me the value of giving back, being kind caring and compassionate for my fellow man. My Dad on the other hand taught me how to be a winner and how to get ahead. His personal motto is "Lead, Follow or get the HELL outta my way". Some call him callous others call him unscrupulous, but I call him Pop and everything I learned about business and how to be happy in life I pretty much got from him. See he taught me at very young age that people ain't shit, most people. Seriously I have tested his theory time and time again and people consistently show me they ain't shit. So with the knowledge that the vast majority of you ain't shit, I look out for #1 (ME, in case you hadn't figured it out) and then I proceed from there. You may say that's kinda cold, but really how can I care to help someone else if everything with me is not cool?

So, sometime my way thinking is diametrically opposed to my position as a Superhero. We are supposed to be selfless and self-sacrificing, like Bruce Willis in Armageddon when he blew up with the meteor that was going to destroy Earth..Nope No Way No how wouldn't been me... But I do what I can, with my awesome powers, and I do mean awesome, you;l hear more about them as you get to know me. But for now just know that I'm AWESOME!

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J Renzo said...

dudd is all about keeping it real, huh...