Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back 2 Work

So today is my first day back in the office since my holiday vacation, and it hasn't been easy going. To start off with one of my favorite co-workers Debbie from accounting announced she is leaving but was really vague about why she was leaving and where she is going, oh well I wish her the best. It seems that smart and capable people don't last long around here; I think I'm smart and capable but I'm comfortable here and it works well with the whole super-hero thing.

Also because of all the hardcore partying I did in Times Square my voice a been reduced a deep whisper, which would be cool if I were a midnight love DJ, but I'm not I'm a program coordinator which means a lot of time of the phone. Therefore, making calls this morning has been tough, one lady asked me if I wanted to go out to drinks later, another woman told me my sexy voice a quite unprofessional,and this dude (well I don't want to talk about that). So maybe I'll concentrate on some of my other duties until I regain my voice.

So Ron from procurement stopped and asked me did I hear about Debbie and and I told him I had, then he asked if I knew why she was leaving, I replied no, and then he raised an eyebrow like he knew something. This dude irks me like no other, then he asks me what time I'm going to lunch, which means he'll probably sit next to me. Knowing how Ron works he'll want to trade what he knows about Debbie's departure with some info that I have. What could Ron want from me. I'm going to call Terra and Leroy to see if they know what Ron may be up to.

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