Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Something Dark This Way Comes

Busy, Busy Busy. I need a personal assistant. It's cool because if I didn't cram so much stuff into each day, I would wind up procrastinating. I just finished getting my tax paperwork together, my accountant informed today that I can write-off unreimbursed work related expenses. Do you have any idea what one of these Superhero suits costs? I went through four last year.

I have been working with the local precinct in my neighborhood helping them solve some minor crimes lately. I'm a bit conflicted by because I hate the police, maybe I shouldn't say hate how about strongly loathe them. But, I live here and there have been some issues in my 'hood, so since they can't seem to keep it under control I have offered to do my part. Up to this point it's been helping them catch troublesome graffiti artist, car thieves, and small time drug dealers. But, last week the police chief mentioned the disappearance of three teenage girls. He said his officers did a little legwork and they feel as though these girls could be runaways, but he wants me to check into just to be safe.

So, I'm outside reading my book "The Four-Hour Workweek" , and I see a couple of Latina girls walking through the park, they look like cheerleaders so maybe they are coming from an early game. Nothing too noteworthy there so I go back to my book and then I hear the leaves rustling and fell a strong wind fly past me, it looks like a smoke cloud, but it came from out of nowhere, then I see it move towards the girls. I'm thinking.."What the?", and then the cloud envelopes the girls and I hear them scream. It looks like they are fighting the cloud and resisting, but the cloud grabs them and is pulling them down the hill. I'm running to help and I follow the cloud and the girls down a hole near one of the fountains in the park. Then I see a flash of the brightest light ever.

OH MY GOD, I'M BLIND, I can't believe this, what the hell just happened? I've got my Blue tooth in, so I call Terra and recount the whole situation.... and she says one word...LUMINOUS. I give her my locations and she says she will will put out the alert now. I tell her I will wait, but then I hear the blood curdling screams of what sounds like several girls, no time to wait, I jump down the hole and and guide myself towards the sounds of the screams. DAMN, I kinda scared........

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