Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

OK, so I made it New York City on New Year's Eve. I spoke with the Mayor's Office who assured me that they had the city on lock, but they needed me to keep my cell on just in case. So I met up with some friends and headed straight to the club. The club was cool but just about anywhere that has an Open Bar is cool, right?

It was 9PM so I figured I should take it easy just in case I was needed, so I hung out talkeddanced, generally having a good time until I ran into Tanya. Tanya and I dated what IO consider a long time ago, so whatever happened she should be over by now, Oh no not Tanya this chick holds onto a grudge like a vice grip. She always assumed I was cheating on her, because of my clandestine superhero duties. So after faking pleasantries with her, I needed a drink. Remember I said it was Open Bar, well it was wide open and I took advantage, loss all track of time until my cell went off at 11:50 PM, I thought " You've got to be kidding me" NYPD Chief of Police explained that they had credible evidence that someone was going to do something to the new ball that was going to be dropping in Times Square, and I was the closest to the ball so they wanted me to check it out.

I make my way to ball after a quick costume change and ditching my friends, and I find that there is in fact a sophisticated bomb attached to ball that will detonate in as the countdown reaches zero. So I talk of my new leather gloves, do my energy transfer thing and then head back to the club. The only problem with my power is that you got to do something with the energy that you talk from an object. I was kind of nervous because I was two sheets to wind, and had enough power in my hands to blow-up NYC. So as the countdown started I found a a nice spot outside and released a thunderous explosion into the sky. The million plus people outside just assumed that it was part of the pyrotechnic display. The only problem was that I though I was aiming straight up but I somehow managed to burn a lot of the confetti that was released at midnight, so people got charred confetti on their clothes and in their hair, but they didn't seem to care, and neither did I. I continued to ring in 2008 into the wee hours of the morning. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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