Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Something Dark This Way Comes

Busy, Busy Busy. I need a personal assistant. It's cool because if I didn't cram so much stuff into each day, I would wind up procrastinating. I just finished getting my tax paperwork together, my accountant informed today that I can write-off unreimbursed work related expenses. Do you have any idea what one of these Superhero suits costs? I went through four last year.

I have been working with the local precinct in my neighborhood helping them solve some minor crimes lately. I'm a bit conflicted by because I hate the police, maybe I shouldn't say hate how about strongly loathe them. But, I live here and there have been some issues in my 'hood, so since they can't seem to keep it under control I have offered to do my part. Up to this point it's been helping them catch troublesome graffiti artist, car thieves, and small time drug dealers. But, last week the police chief mentioned the disappearance of three teenage girls. He said his officers did a little legwork and they feel as though these girls could be runaways, but he wants me to check into just to be safe.

So, I'm outside reading my book "The Four-Hour Workweek" , and I see a couple of Latina girls walking through the park, they look like cheerleaders so maybe they are coming from an early game. Nothing too noteworthy there so I go back to my book and then I hear the leaves rustling and fell a strong wind fly past me, it looks like a smoke cloud, but it came from out of nowhere, then I see it move towards the girls. I'm thinking.."What the?", and then the cloud envelopes the girls and I hear them scream. It looks like they are fighting the cloud and resisting, but the cloud grabs them and is pulling them down the hill. I'm running to help and I follow the cloud and the girls down a hole near one of the fountains in the park. Then I see a flash of the brightest light ever.

OH MY GOD, I'M BLIND, I can't believe this, what the hell just happened? I've got my Blue tooth in, so I call Terra and recount the whole situation.... and she says one word...LUMINOUS. I give her my locations and she says she will will put out the alert now. I tell her I will wait, but then I hear the blood curdling screams of what sounds like several girls, no time to wait, I jump down the hole and and guide myself towards the sounds of the screams. DAMN, I kinda scared........

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snakes in the Grass

So I called up Leroy to pick his brain about my girl Debbie and find out if he knew what was going down with her; and he did. Apparently there is some big shake up coming restructuring or something and the Company has decided to use the restructure the move Debbie to another office. So I'm complaining to Leroy that Debbie is one of the most competent people in the office and she happens to make me laugh so I'm pissed, then Leroy dropped the hammer and told me the real reason Debbie was getting the Heave-Ho. Turns out Debbie is not as innocent as I though she was and she has been doing the horizontal tango with a few too many men and possibly a woman in the office. All I could say was " Damn, and you think you know somebody; I didn't think she was like that." How many times have I said that phrase " I didn't think she was like that." Maybe I should stop saying that because apparently a lot of them are just like that. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there is a time and place for everything.

So I'm sitting in my office still a little bummed about the Debbie situation, then I get a call from Dispatch about this disturbance in the office, so I go to check it out and I find my co-workers about to come to blows, talk about inappropriate, you can read more about that here. Like I said there is a time and a place for everything.

So the other day that bamma Ron stops by again, asking if I wanted to go to lunch, and I tell him it's cool but he's gotta buy because I got no cash(I lied). So we hit up Lauriol Plaza and we small talk about the Redskins and then the weather (the lowest form of conversation), then he gets around to Debbie and he asks if I know why she's being moved and I lie again and tell him. Then he says he's sure I can find out, and If I could get back to him soon, he could give me scoop on someone very close to me. I raised my eyebrow and said"What are you talking about Ronald?" The he asks, " How well do you really know your friends?". I get back to office and now I'm more confused than when I left, how is that Ron, the office gossip doesn't know that Debbie like to get it in (a lot) but he's knows secrets about my friends. Normally I would let this go, because I like to kind of stay above the fray but curiosty is getting the best of me. DAMN Ron.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back 2 Work

So today is my first day back in the office since my holiday vacation, and it hasn't been easy going. To start off with one of my favorite co-workers Debbie from accounting announced she is leaving but was really vague about why she was leaving and where she is going, oh well I wish her the best. It seems that smart and capable people don't last long around here; I think I'm smart and capable but I'm comfortable here and it works well with the whole super-hero thing.

Also because of all the hardcore partying I did in Times Square my voice a been reduced a deep whisper, which would be cool if I were a midnight love DJ, but I'm not I'm a program coordinator which means a lot of time of the phone. Therefore, making calls this morning has been tough, one lady asked me if I wanted to go out to drinks later, another woman told me my sexy voice a quite unprofessional,and this dude (well I don't want to talk about that). So maybe I'll concentrate on some of my other duties until I regain my voice.

So Ron from procurement stopped and asked me did I hear about Debbie and and I told him I had, then he asked if I knew why she was leaving, I replied no, and then he raised an eyebrow like he knew something. This dude irks me like no other, then he asks me what time I'm going to lunch, which means he'll probably sit next to me. Knowing how Ron works he'll want to trade what he knows about Debbie's departure with some info that I have. What could Ron want from me. I'm going to call Terra and Leroy to see if they know what Ron may be up to.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

OK, so I made it New York City on New Year's Eve. I spoke with the Mayor's Office who assured me that they had the city on lock, but they needed me to keep my cell on just in case. So I met up with some friends and headed straight to the club. The club was cool but just about anywhere that has an Open Bar is cool, right?

It was 9PM so I figured I should take it easy just in case I was needed, so I hung out talkeddanced, generally having a good time until I ran into Tanya. Tanya and I dated what IO consider a long time ago, so whatever happened she should be over by now, Oh no not Tanya this chick holds onto a grudge like a vice grip. She always assumed I was cheating on her, because of my clandestine superhero duties. So after faking pleasantries with her, I needed a drink. Remember I said it was Open Bar, well it was wide open and I took advantage, loss all track of time until my cell went off at 11:50 PM, I thought " You've got to be kidding me" NYPD Chief of Police explained that they had credible evidence that someone was going to do something to the new ball that was going to be dropping in Times Square, and I was the closest to the ball so they wanted me to check it out.

I make my way to ball after a quick costume change and ditching my friends, and I find that there is in fact a sophisticated bomb attached to ball that will detonate in as the countdown reaches zero. So I talk of my new leather gloves, do my energy transfer thing and then head back to the club. The only problem with my power is that you got to do something with the energy that you talk from an object. I was kind of nervous because I was two sheets to wind, and had enough power in my hands to blow-up NYC. So as the countdown started I found a a nice spot outside and released a thunderous explosion into the sky. The million plus people outside just assumed that it was part of the pyrotechnic display. The only problem was that I though I was aiming straight up but I somehow managed to burn a lot of the confetti that was released at midnight, so people got charred confetti on their clothes and in their hair, but they didn't seem to care, and neither did I. I continued to ring in 2008 into the wee hours of the morning. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!